Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Welcome All To My Grand Opening!

I welcome you all to your one stop for fashion, trends and where to find them! My goal here is to find people, such as yourselves, wearing current trends or any trends I personally forecast for the upcoming seasons. I may find you in the most random of places...maybe the coffee shop....the mall....randomly walking....who knows were i'll be. Then I will put your picture up on this site so everyone can see what fashionistas should look like!

So now, a little bit about me. My name is Wes and a currently reside in Los Angeles. Fashion is in my blood! I have been sewing since the tender age of 6! I began freelance fashion design at about the age of 15, helping me learn and develop my skills in custom fitting, construction, design, client relations and hand-made details. Currently, I continue to freelance and attend the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, as a fashion design major of course.

A message to all of you now! I am now officially on the prowl! On the look out for head-to-toe ensembles that look fresh off the runway. Don't be alarmed if I approach you and ask to take a picture of you. I mean after all of that effort into putting together a whole fashion look, it feels good to be recognized...

(BTW...don't be fooled by random people with cameras. I will have a release form for you to sign and a business card with the websites name on it. If someone approaches you and doesn't have that stuff....it's not me...)

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