Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hard Vs. Soft

Hello everyone. Hope all is well and the holiday season is treating everyone well. So, my next model is another fellow student of mine (it seems like this blog is turning into the FIDM show). We had our last day of speaking class this week. When she got up to do her speech, I couldn't listen to her speak, because I was too focused on her outfit. When class was over, I stalked her out to the main lobby to talk to her about her garb. What caught my attention was her monochromatic look going on. You don't see too many people nowadays doing the whole color matching thing, and usually when they do, it looks like a train wreck. That is why I snapped a picture of Van in her outfit.

She is showing us how to match brown pieces together harmoniously. The matching trend was most prevalent in fall runway shows of Salvatore Ferragamo, Max Mara, Roberto Cavalli, and Fendi. But the biggest thing I like about this outfit was the play on hard vs. soft. The unlikely combination of a flowy dress with a hard edge leather jacket marries seamlessly. Flowy looks were seen in fall runways such as Donna Karan. The edgy leather looks were displayed in runways such as Balmain, Phi, and Hermes. This is an excellent outfit to go to class to. Another thing I admire about Van (other than how pretty she is) is that her dress and jacket are not even designer, yet she constructed an outfit that looks very designer. 
Van's accessories are a lot more subtle than i'm used to seeing. She is wearing a small pendant necklace and a bracelet with a key on it. Kind of reminds me of Tiffany & Co. Key charms.Very cute. 

You can find Van's look or similar ones in several places. Here are my suggestions...

Jacket- Hermes, Gucci, Bloomingdale's, Nordstrom,... Everywhere this season
Dress- Macy's, Forever 21, 
Purse- Louis Vuitton
Bracelet- Tiffany & Co.

Thanks a bunch to Van for being the model for this post. Hope you go an A+ on your speech ;). Thank you to my followers and viewers for keeping me motivated to keep on stalking random people and taking pictures of them. 
So I encourage all of you to put time into your outfits. Make sure the hair compliments the top compliments the bottom compliments the shoes... you get the point. And don't worry... if your wearing a trend, I will find you... and take your pic... 

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