Thursday, January 14, 2010

Im Back...

Hello all! Hope all of you lovely people out there experienced an extremely blessed holiday season. Unfortunately, it's back to the grind of daily life for us. But not to worry, at least I'm here to bring you are newest "love ur LAbels" model.
It was the first day back to classes (have to admit, I was excited to be back) and I sat down at the front of the class like the dork that I am. In walks in a lovely classmate wearing a curious, unusual outfit.

Chava's outfit immediately put images in my head of Rick Owens Fall '09 runway... but with a bit more black. The skirt is truly the statement piece. It has a futuristic, space age look to it, but retains a simple silhouette. You know how I love fashion risks... and she wore this to class (get it girl).
One reason I love this outfit is that it looks runway fresh, yet some pieces of the look are from freelance designers at a local boutique she found among her travels. The skirt and necklace are from said boutique. Also, her Stella McCartney shoes are pretty awesome and compliment the outfit very well. The whole look is topped with a slightly high ponytail, giving a fierce and powerful look. The standards are slowly being raised to be featured here. I'm looking for trends, but risks will really catch my eye.

Isn't she gorgeous?

You can find Chava's look or similar ones in several places. Here are my suggestions...

Top: Kiki Riki, Ann Taylor, Michael Stars
Skirt: LnA, Victoria's Secret, Marc Jacobs
Necklace: Express, Banana Republic, Malene Birger
Sunglasses: Polo Ralph Lauren
Shoes: Stella McCartney, Neiman Marcus, Nine West
Tights: DKNY, everywhere
Watch: Dooney and Bourke, Dolce and Gabbana

I am truly blessed to be back in Los Angeles, my oasis in a life full of desert sand. I'm blessed to be surrounded with people that have an understanding of personal style and how to push the boundaries of the mundane.
A special thank you to Chava, our gorgeous model for being gracious enough to lend me her time to contribute to "love ur LAbels." Someday, I'm going to get maced in the eyes for asking someone for their picture, I just know it. That would be a little funny, once I get past the searing pain of course :)

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