Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bitter Time in Fashion....

Good day everyone! It's been a while since my last post! I think the reason is that many people have a bit of difficulty transitioning from Fall season to the Spring. So, how much catching up do I have?...

I assume that everyone out there had the best Valentine's day imaginable! And if you didn't, I'll personally make up for it ;) What else have I missed?..... Oh, happy belated groundhog day..... and happy birthday to Susan B Anthony (random).

On a more serious note, the fashion world as a whole is seeing very bitter days with the passing of Alexander McQueen. McQueen was influential, widely-loved, and arguably the most innovative designer of our time. He was truly inspirational to many people, including myself. Alexander McQueen..... we will miss you dearly. But the reality of life is that we must move on and grow.... and the reality of his clothing line is that after his passing, sales skyrocketed about 1400%!

(Insert really good transition)

I found the newest "love ur LAbels" model. Where you ask? Sitting next to me in class! Yes! We happened to be taking our midterms... and I may have caused a distraction when asking her about her outfit... whoops!

Everyone, meet Alexis....

I know right? Gorgeous. All my models are gorgeous. As you all know, we are now officially experiencing the Spring fashion season. One dominant trend this season is breezy, flowy and free-formed pieces. When Alexis got up to turn in her completed midterm, the flow of her Emma and Sam top really caught my eye. It also helps that every other piece in her outfit truly compliments the whole desired look. The pairing with black skinny jeans gives us an exceptional representation of Hard Vs. Soft. Neutrals with a splash of color... I love it. What surprised me was her boots. 

These boots are Vintage CAT boots.... you know, the construction equipment company. Amazing! This could have gone totally wrong, yet Alexis made it work with the whole ensemble.
The Hermes Leather Birkin is amazing, especially accented with the wayfarers and McQueen scarf. Her jewelry includes pieces from Swatch, Alexander McQueen, Chrome Hearts and a few vintage pieces. Collectively, a successful ensemble for an edgy person caught in the storm of Spring florals....

You can find Alexis' look or similar ones in several places. Here are my suggestions...

Top: LF Stores, Calvin Klein, Alice+Olivia, Neiman Marcus
Jeans: J Brand, Old Navy, Diesel, Levi's 
Watch: Swatch, Citizen, Movado, Rolex
Necklace: Chrome Hearts, JCPenny, Zales, Saks Fifth Avenue
Bracelets: Marc Jacobs, Stephen Webster
Purse: Hermes, New York & Company, Coach
Boots: Diesel, Steve Madden, Charles David
Rings: Alexander McQueen, Dior, Vivienne Westwood, King Baby
Scarf: Alexander McQueen, Betsey Johnson, Ed Hardy
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban, Oakley, Gucci, Tom Ford, Ilori

A big thanks to Alexis for modeling for me during the middle of class ;) Oh, so Alexis told me that she just got her wisdom teeth removed... can you tell? Because I can't! Way to look amazing under stressful conditions Alexis. Keep the impeccable style going, which won't be hard for you. Thanks again! To everyone else, remember, were not in Kansas Fall anymore....

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